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Monday, September 3rd, 2007
1:51 am - LJ is weird
So I "deleted" it and now its all back because I thought I was posting into a new journal.

So much for new beginnings heh.

current mood: confused

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Monday, December 25th, 2006
1:58 pm - Wow.. same old christmas
Same old christmas, parents yelling at eachother and I am sick.. damn cough. Well, at least I had a really nice long night with Sarah to enjoy a christmas eve :D :D :D.

Jessica, I'm getting 2500 next week supposedly, can you help me pick out a car?

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Friday, July 28th, 2006
12:55 am - Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture
Wow... so buttrockily awesome. The entire picture had the bad oversized anime eyes that make them look weird. "Shake yo tail feathers for the Duck King!" was the best part of the movie. Hands down.

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Tuesday, June 20th, 2006
Anyone mind if Shadow Comes party with us at Expo? He's a really funny japanese guy who lives in Hollywood who has his own band Karasu.

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Friday, June 16th, 2006
2:54 am - When Siblings get left to die in a park...
Steve wants to kill things..

I was working out late tonight to hear my parents carrying my almost dead sister into our house puking up all over the place. Apparently she got drunk in a park and got left there to die by a buncha people.. Thankfully, THANK GOD one of her friends called us to tell us that our little one was passed out and puking all over the place. I swear to god, I will murder those people who left her there, Girl or guy, I will beat the living shit. I am fucking livid. And I have work in 6 hours.

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Saturday, May 13th, 2006
5:40 pm - like omg
Doesn't Daniel Craig look really not the part for Bond in the upcoming bond film, Casino Royale.. It just looks silly. Like Transporter meets Double O Seven.

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Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

Half Man, Half Bear, Half Pig.

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Sunday, April 30th, 2006
7:21 pm - Happy birthday to me..
Yay me.

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Friday, April 28th, 2006
12:42 pm - saint seiya!!!
omg I love Saint Seiya.. I remember watching Knights of the Zodiac and thinking that was completely gay.

Ears getting cut off, Shiryu gouging his eyes out for shun and seiya, and the many realistic fights makes this series really fun to watch.

Its like Ronin Warriors minus the Talpa Seperation Anxiety crap. + cooler guys and cooler story.

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Thursday, April 27th, 2006
2:50 pm - AHHHH ES21 DRAMA!!!!

I hate it when cliffhangers happen and you go bat crazy waiting for the next episode. ><

Kongo Kyoudai are such dickheads and they don't deserve to win.

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Tuesday, April 18th, 2006
3:33 pm - ATTN: SERGIO
Hey, You know where I can find a download of

"Like A Man Possessed" - Get up kids, I can't find it anywhere on limewire or soulseek.

I saw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=De9OZoggZKY&search=like%20a%20man%20possessed and just minimize it with the song playing.. Its an awesome last song (The last song on Guilt Show) If it were a last song.

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Wednesday, April 12th, 2006
10:39 pm - ATTENTION: NICK
My grandma (dad's mom) began having heart palpatations (Is that how you spell it) tonight. Unbeknownst to me, I bought all this liquor for anizona. I don't know if I want to, or have the will to go party and drink this weekend, because I'm unsure if she is gonna be ok. I don't think I could party knowing that one of my childhood figures was dying/dead.

She's had stuff like this in the past, but I'm worried as she's pretty old (I think in her 70s). Grandma Irene was one of those grandmas that wasn't that close, but it still hits hard to know that she's struggling to live somewhere.

So Nick, I'll know by tommorow if I will be going or not, because I'm going to the hospital RIGHT after class and I'm gonna 20 question the doctor about her status and if she's gonna be ok.

My cell is 480-544-4457

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Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
12:47 am - Patrice O Neal
Patrice O'Neal Is not funny, and his stupid show, Top 20 Web Junk iS NOT FUNNY, Because the videos and shows ARE JOKES THEMSELVES, and he tries to analyze them and make some sense of them. When a guy goes around in a wheelchair wearing a wolf costume and a song called "Monster in a Wheelchair" is playing, YOU KNOW WHAT THE JOKE IS. It doesn't take a fat retarded black guy to comment on how lame a monster in a wheelchair can be, BECAUSE THAT IS THE JOKE.

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Friday, March 10th, 2006
3:21 am - I wanna girl with lips like morphine
Well, I just found myself a really awesome person, not a girlfriend, not a lover, but an awesome person. Bridgette is just jawdroppingly cool.

We went to a hardcore show together and I thought she would make drama and be annoying and then it ended with me kissing her in a great moment at the climax of a good song. We then proceeded to her dorm and then we just bonded for awhile, and then we made out a buncha times. I just enjoyed those small little moments.

I know in my heart that I can't have a nutcase relationship like I had with Brittany, so I will let this go as slow as required. We both aren't looking for love, we just want to be cool and not all needy.

I wanna girl with lips like morphine, to knock me out everytime they touch me

Oh yeah Jessica, I found that girl to go to shows with finally :) I'll bring her 'round work sometime.

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Monday, March 6th, 2006
9:52 am - I LOVE SID

I've seen it before, but I like watching it over again, that and the Trust PV by Duel Jewel.

Thanks a lot brynn. ><

also, I'm picking this soon today
I figure sexpot is like usually 234235242345 US and I guess I could use it sometime.

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Sunday, March 5th, 2006
10:52 am - Wow
So drunken party at Dereks was... Amazing. I had the time of my saturday and it was all last second. I made out with a chick, got a hamburger thrown at me and made a cool ass friend who I will go to glam shows with.

Now to deal with hangovers. :(

current mood: sick

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Friday, March 3rd, 2006
10:21 am - Black people can't be lumberjacks
lol. Hilarious day.

Yesterday was one of the reasons why I love being me.

Followed up by a nice proposition from my new plaything :)

Drunken Guitar hero with Nip/tuck-girls for me tonight and some casual sex :)

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Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
11:55 am - ViVa DeAtH
Stress level decreasing, The bankone lady told me I would get a new card fairly soon, so I don't need to worry, I should go get an atm card just in case.

I love it when it rains, its so peaceful hearing the rain hit the ground as I'm walking around. That subtle clap. :) My stomach muscles hurt from working out last night, but thats just sign that I have begun the rip/regen cycle. So tonight I'll do mostly forearm and leg workouts.

That and I might go cd shopping. I probably don't because I have a lot of stuff due tommorow. Bridgette spent like half an hour yesterday talking about J-rock and how she appreciates the culture during art history. She wasn't even paying attention to class and Jenna and Tina were getting annoyed. lol I couldn't finish my english homework assignment and I ended up having a good time with her afterwards in the 5 hour interim between classes on tuesday.

I learned a good new band, Sergio check out Viva Death. www.vivadeath.com and check out some of their mp3s.

I plan on buying their CD fairly soon. I'm getting my shit back on track :) Now I'm back to posting my favorite bands :)

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Tuesday, February 28th, 2006
4:20 pm - Update on my bank account
God, I love Chase when they don't screw me.

I just got my Claim filed and they will give the money that was stolen from some unknown WoW account charges within 48 hours.

And whoever got my card # and used it fraudulently will face some fun people.

I love Justice, it is such a sweet feeling :)

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Monday, February 27th, 2006
11:50 pm - Taking breaks
I took a break today from school, and I figure it won't be that big of a deal.

I got my bank statement and found out that blizzard has been billing me a bunch of times for an account that I never certified, I'll find out tommorow who's account it belongs to. Its just super frustrating when I know that someone has been stealing my money that I oh so earned through working. Its not just the money but its mostly the principle of the fact that I have been robbed. If its Blizzard's shitty account billing stuff, then I'm getting my money back one way or another.

On another note, I plan on sporting my new hoody and going to hang with Tina and crew tommorow after art class. Bridgette is gonna be there and I think she's a real bright person to hang out with. We have hung out a buncha times and we met through that Nip-tuck party thing I've have had going on for awhile. She just has those emerald green eyes that I oh so love.

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